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Feasibility studies
A comprehensive brief is fundamental to any construction project. We can prepare such briefs based upon feasibility studies in which we analyse your requirements, consider the most effective way to satisfy your needs and then recommend how to proceed to achieve your objectives. The scope of a feasibility study can embrace:

  1. is a new building needed or could an existing one be adapted and reorganised to meet your needs?
  2. are there any constraints on the proposed development, such as ground conditions and/or contamination; are necessary services available; is site access suitable for construction?
  3. sustainability of the project, including choice of the materials, consideration of energy consumption and generation, projected life span of the building, anticipated maintenance requirements and impact on the surrounding environment
  4. planning and layout of spaces and facilities including access for disabled users
  5. outline proposals recommending types of construction, levels of quality, capital and running costs and value for money
  6. preliminary discussions with planners and other statutory bodies
  7. a realistic timetable for the delivery of each phase of the project
  8. projected costs.

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