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Building pathology and defect investigation
As part of our litigation and dispute resolution work we are involved in investigating the causes of failure in buildings. We frequently open up buildings to identify and record the cause, extent and nature of the defects. Detailed and meticulous records, supported by photographs or videos of the work revealed, are a prerequisite of such work.

Subject areas we have investigated include roofs, both pitched and flat, cavity walls, floors, thermal insulation, fire doors, security doors, timber decay, glass and glazing, and asphalt. We also have experience providing advice in connection with alleged breaches of patent and copyright infringement. Over the last two years we have investigated failures and defects in goundbearing floor slabs, floor screeds, lead covered roofs, swimming pool roofs, basement tanking, green roofs, drainage systems, cladding systems and cast iron work. We have also undertaken the provision of expert opinions in disputes involving alleged infringements of copyright.

We can investigate buildings of any size and complexity and prepare expert reports and opinions in support of litigation if required. We can also develop schemes of remedial works, with costs when required, for inclusion in a Scott Schedule.

We work throughout the UK and have recently undertaken projects in Brighton, Cheltenham, Bristol, Sheffield, Scotland, Cumbria, Warkwickshire and the North East.

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