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Research work
Research and development forms an integral part of our work and is a role well suited to the Practice’s technical and investigative background. We have undertaken research projects for product manufacturers and government departments leading to the marketing of new products and systems and the publication of design guidance, technical literature, lectures and articles in the professional press in the UK, Europe, America and Australia.

Our areas of research include:

• co-ordinated project information
• masonry construction - especially cavity brickwork
• thermal insulation
• warm timber frame construction
• building and component durability
• single layer membranes
• roofs and roofing
• slating and tiling
• breather membranes and vapour control layers
• energy conservation and airtight building techniques
• glass and glazing
• doors and doorsets
• fire seals
• sanitaryware

We are able to undertake market research and investigation, prepare desktop studies and advise on the development and application of new and existing products and systems. Our experience in building pathology and litigation gives us a thorough knowledge of the causes of component and system failure and we are able to use that experience when considering innovative products or applications.

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