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We are always seeking to develop new seminars on topics of interest to specifiers. Subjects covered in the past include:

Making an entrance – the use of doorsets
Designing the perfect flat roof
The role of the Architect
Co-ordinated project information
Sealed pitched roofs

We are currently developing seminars covering:

How Architects can avoid being sued
What to do if you are sued
Passive ventilation

If there is a topic you would like us to consider, please complete and submit this form. (You may also use the form to suggest venues for future seminars.)

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Which is the most convenient time for you to attend a seminar?

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How much time are you willing to spare to attend a technical seminar?

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If we are unable to obtain sponsorship for a seminar topic of interest to you, would you be prepared to pay to attend one of our events?


If yes, please indicate how much you would be prepared to pay for a JPA seminar of:

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