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Review: Rectification works


Project: Review of Rectification works at a residential development in Northeast England.

Client: Cunningham Lindsey International.

Above: promotional photographs of the development.

A development of some 18 terraced dwellings built next to the walled kitchen grounds of a Grade II* Listed building, built in the Palladian style, and completed in the third quarter of the eighteenth Century.

The three storey town houses were constructed in 2007 and 2008 by a developer, who also intended to restore the listed building. Soon after their construction and sale, it became apparent to the new owners that the standard of construction was not entirely satisfactory. Initial signs included pattern staining of the external cladding and render, and water penetration into and down the south facing glazing. The steelwork to the balconies and to the circular stairs began to corrode. Following investigation it was discovered that the original construction had omitted a critical waterproof membrane from the balcony construction, allowing water to enter the composite steel and concrete slabs, with the inevitable result that corrosion of the steel structure began to become evident.

Whilst a number of individual owners settled claims against the developer's insurers, undertaking remedial works themselves, a substantial group of owners sought advice from a firm of building surveyors concerning repairs and remedial works to their homes.

Insurers appointed as Loss Adjuster Messrs Cunningham Lindsey International to manage the eventual Claim, currently likely to exceed £260,000 + VAT. We are appointed, upon the recommendation of Loss Adjusters, to provide technical advice to insurers on matters in connection with the selection and application of waterproofing membranes; the treatment of steel sections and the design of balcony steelwork; the cleaning of stonework and associated surfaces; and, water penetration of insulated and rendered constructions. We have also advised on costs and contractual arrangements.

Above: photographs of latent defects at the development.


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