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Design: New Build

Project: New Dwelling, West Calder

Client: Mr G Stark


Above; Satellite image of the proposed site.

This scheme involves the creation of a new dwelling on a vacant plot of brownfield land located within West Calder. The site is located within a surburban residential area, and is defined to the North by private residential housing, to the East and South by roads, and to the West by a private car park and vegetation.

The Client requires the provision of wheelchair accessible accommodation, as well as the incorporation of assistive technology into the dwelling, such as electronically controlled doors and windows. The brief also includes for the provision of a Therapy Room.

We are appointed to provide architectural services from Inception to Completion, including the preparation and submission of Planning and Building Control Applications, and the development of production information for a Tender Package. Furthermore, JPA will provide Contract Administration services through the construction phase.

We have prepared and submitted a Planning Application and a Building Warrant Application, and have received Approval for both. We have prepared the Tender documentation, which includes Drawings, Specification including Preliminaries, and Bills of Quantities. Those have been issued to a Contractor and we have now received costs. We are currently negotiating the Tender sum.

The Works will be undertaken under a SBC/Q Standard Building Contract with Quantities 2016.


Below: Elevations As Proposed for the new Dwelling submitted as part of the Planning Application.



Estimated value: Private




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